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Loss Sensitive for Contractors

Loss Sensitive As the Construction industry continues to experience a changing economy, insurance products that allow more control over your total cost of insurance are desired.  We offer tailored coverage and plan structure for large commercial contractors, including: Large deductibles Retrospective rating plans, including close out options Self-insured plans Customization for project specific programs,  including […]

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Risks to Utility Contractors as Demand Grows

Risks to Utility Contractors as Demand Grows The nation’s overall infrastructure received a grade of D+ from the American Society of Civil Engineers in 2017.1 Proposed improvement projects could mean significant work for contractors, but a shortage of skilled labor may make it difficult to find qualified talent. While the utility industry typically has stringent safety […]

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How to Onboard Construction Workers

How to Onboard Construction Workers Promoting a safe workforce can begin long before new construction workers arrive for their first day on the jobsite. Having a formal hiring and onboarding process can help ensure that employees are properly trained to perform their required duties safely. Here’s a look at how workplace safety has improved in recent years, […]

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4 Key Steps for Construction Projects to Help Protect Your Company

4 Key Steps for Construction Projects to Help Protect Your Company Taking precautions before work begins and while underway can help safeguard your construction project from injuries and damages occurring during construction, and any claims made after the project is completed. Having well documented pre- and post-construction conditions surveys, records of all work conducted, and […]

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Contractor Controlled Insurance Programs (CCIP)

Contractor Controlled Insurance Programs (CCIP) (How Construction Companies Are Simplifying And Saving on Insurance Costs) Large construction projects are daunting even for the most experienced contractors. No matter how much you focus on safety and loss control, accidents can—and will—happen.  One of your biggest concerns is making sure that everyone working on the project is […]

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Finding the Best Insurance For Your Contractor Tools and Equipment

Finding the Best Insurance For Your Contractor Tools and Equipment (Getting protection has never been easier) As a contractor, daily life on the job involves playing with lots of fun tools and equipment, from hammers to backhoes and more. With this comes many different risks and opportunities for error while working with potentially dangerous equipment.  […]

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COVID-19 Response: UPDATED

COVID-19 Response: UPDATED 3/20/2020: As we continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation, we are taking into advisement the new guidelines during these challenging times to practice social distancing to keep the spread of this virus to a minimum. The Contractor Insurance Providers physical office will be closed but we will be working from our homes. […]

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Construction Equipment

Finding the Best Contractor Equipment Insurance

Finding the Best Contractor Equipment Insurance (Because construction projects come equipped with dangerous toys) A day on the job for a contractor isn’t child’s play. It involves the use of heavy equipment and potentially dangerous machinery. Daily jobs include a high margin for error, and mistakes could be disastrous and extremely costly. Equipment that needs […]

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