Construction Skilled Labor Shortages

  • Construction Skilled Labor Shortages

Construction Skilled Labor Shortages

The good news: the construction economy continues to show signs of recovery. After losing nearly 2.3 million jobs during the recession, an Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) survey reports that 86% of companies plan to hire in 2014.* The problem: trade workers with the right skills and capabilities for the job may be getting harder to find. As the industry recovers, less-experienced workers are being used to support increased demand.


Qualified Workers Can Help Increase the Quality of Workmanship.

Hiring qualified workers — including carpenters, equipment operators and laborers — is one of the most important steps in managing construction defect risk. A lack of skilled labor can affect workmanship, increasing the likelihood of construction defect. Travelers has already seen the number of claims in states such as California and Texas grow as the post-recession pace of construction gains momentum.

Measure twice. Hire right.

One of the best ways to defend against construction defect claims is to pre-qualify potential hires. Double check to make sure they have the proper credentials, experience and skills to deliver quality work. Effective hiring strategies can help prevent potentially complex and costly construction defect claims down the road.



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